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It is Friday isn't it??  The correct new time is Thursday the 15th of October.  Sorry for the confusion and Patty wins the prize for letting me know the error of my ways.  Please, let me know what you would like me to cover at the meeting!  Have a great Labor Day weekend!
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I would like to know exactly what I need to be keeping records of as I go through the year, to keep on hand for the 3 year review.  I have the end of the year sheet that we are required to fill out for NDE to go by, but is that all?  Do I need to make a separate notebook for each year and include all duplicate data from previous years, or is it ok to just include "new items" that pertain only to that year.  Ex. parent meetings, Title activities, etc.

How are others doing their fall and spring parent are they getting parents to attend...what items are discussed besides the parent compact, parent survey, p. policy, etc.

What interventions are being used that are very are they getting collaboration time scheduled with classroom teachers outside of regular school involved with RTI is administration?
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