NCLB Monitoring Visit
By Susan Evans
February 27, 2012

As mentioned in the previous article I will be needing some items from each of you.  That alone is new, we used to be able to provide a sample of each item of documentation needed NOW we have to have it from each school.  Following is the list of what I need:
1.  Your school or district parent involvement policy
2.  Your annual parent meeting agendas, minutes, or sign-in sheets
3.  Your parent-school compacts
4.  Notification provided to parents that they can request information regarding the professional qualifications of the students' teachers.

You may either email me these or mail a hard copy.  I need these as soon as you have time.  Number 4 item is one that you may have to inquire about.  If you can't find this with your administrator then I can give you a sample. 

Thanks for your help in this process.  Susan