By Susan Evans
April 27, 2012

First of all, thanks to all who attended the Spring Meeting.  As usual you provided great discussion.  Remember, if you have to do a staff training on poverty please feel free to call me and I will share all the information that I can.

Second of all, Ashley has a request. Pleasanton is revising their Needs Assessments for K-6 Reading.  Would any of you be interested in sharing a copy of your Needs Assessments for K-6 Reading. (Student Selection and Identification Worksheet). Mitch has already graciously shared. Thank you so much!

Lastly, if you still know you need to send me some documentation for the Monitoring Visit I would so appreciate your promptness in this matter. Thanks to all of you who have sent me everything, I am hoping for a painless visit.  Thanks again and as always please, feel free to call or email if you have questions.