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Feb 2010 (2)
First of all, I neglected to put in Sandhills as one of our schools that will be involved in the Peer Review for Schoolwide projects.

The following information is for the Targeted Assistance Schools:
Targeted Assistance schools are required to do an annual review of program effectiveness, NDE has a rubric you are to use for this, it is called the “Targeted Assistance School Program Rubric” and can be found in PDF and Word format at this site.
Please note this is an annual requirement of Targeted Assistance programs but submitting the rubric to NDE is neither required or desired!  This document will be looked at during the NCLB review.
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It is time for the annual SW Peer Reviews.  This year Ansley, Litchfield, and SEM are up for the peer review.  They need to register for the review and send in 2 copies of their SW plans to NDE for review.  Your superintendents have received information from NDE but I would be happy to forward any of the information to you if you need it.  I know a couple schools are already registered and are working on their plans.

For those of you not "up" for peer review you still need to send in the Self-Review information by May 1.  Again, your superintendents or Title I directors have this information but I would be glad to forward my information to you. 

I hope to see you all on March 17th for our Spring Meeting.  "SPRING", now that is a novel idea:)
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