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Ron Clark –  use music with teaching
YouTube – “You Can Vote However You Like
-          “Ron Clark Story Music Video”  (Matthew Perry as Ron Clark)
Book – “The Essential 55
Grid to use to record all of the student’s scores and levels
Google Maps – use to show how/where students are reading about (use street view) – Need to subscribe - National RtI Center – Websites updated regularly - Need to subscribe – safe search engine – Need to subscribe
“Menu” projects – children chose different projects to do, chose from different scenes from the book they were reading.
Wellness grant – kids are not only trying new foods, but only diet pop and juice are available from machines.  PE is also focusing more on healthy activity – some have a nutritionist that comes into the school.
Parent Involvement – Not only sharing results from DIBELS/AIMS and where the benchmark is, also have begun to share goal.  K-12, parents are asking what they can do to help at home.  Seeing improvement with the “little goals”, where they want to be in 2 weeks/1 month/etc.
Journeys/Voyagers/Passport – scripted reading program for 7-12.  Also using Journeys 1 as Core in 7th Grade, Journeys 2 in 8th grade, and 9-12 in Journeys 3.  Lots of support from the company (conference calls, they look at your data), but very pricey.  (Journeys 1, 40 students, $13,000; Journeys 2 and 3, $15,000 together) Every 6th day is differentiated, computer work is included. 
Sets of books-
                Word Family Tales
                Learn to Read With….. by Sue Graves
Word family “hammers” – the beginning sound changes, slides up and down the handle
Reading Mastery program – very scripted, may be hard for teachers to “buy into” – (i.e. the “a” is written with the hat), but tell kids to use the “Sound Symbol” not the letter.  Mastery test every 10 lessons, as well as a fluency assessment.  Older grades have a writing assessment as well, comprehension assessment too. 
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