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I have scheduled the Spring Meeting for April 10, 2013 from 9 am - noon.  It will be up on ODIE by next week.  I know this is different from the past but we have several teachers that need to be here for Schoolwide Peer Review that day (SEM, Litchfield, Chapman, Ansley, and Elm Creek).  The Peer Review will be held in the afternoon also here at ESU 10.  I have booked Room A for our meeting and the Peer Review will be held in the computer labs.  I plan on having a training on Effective Feedback as I think that would be very applicable to all of you and I hope I can purchase the book.  

Speaking of purchasing, as you well know budget crunches are an issue.  I am going to cancel our Building Readers newsletters but I will continue with the Helping Children Learn newsletters for elementary, middle and high school. I know several of you use these and I am sorry I had to cancel this subscription.  I felt the Helping Children Learn covers some reading skills and it also is more applicable for more grade levels.  Thanks for your understanding. 

Please, get your time and effort logs in and your teaching contracts if you haven't already.  For those of you participating in the Schoolwide Peer Review let me know if you need anything.  I have worked with several of you and you are on a roll and things are looking great!  Thanks!

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