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Apr 2011 (4)
For those that are schoolwide and will be participating in the peer review process in the next few years (all of you schoolwide projects) they will be going digital.  We discussed this at our Title I Spring Meeting.  They plan on sharing a template with us soon.  This will really save on paper and postage!  I will share more details as they become available.
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The review went well and I wrote a couple of ideas down that I gleaned from the process.  These are just ideas that you can incorporate into your plans or just ignore.

  • include pictures of Title I room and steering committee at work to include at the beginning of each section
  • abstract was divided into these topics:  instructional focus, parental involvement, transition, communication and demographics
  • sticky notes with the rubric section numbers on the pages that provided documentation for that section of rubric
  • the compact was on a 3 column brochure (one for student, caring adult, and teacher)
  • The coordination and integration of services section of rubric is a tough one to document.  One notebook had a chart that looked like the following:





Academic Support

after school BURST program

Teen volunteers and Title teacher

Kiwanis, YMCA, Title I

Parent Engagement




Social Emotional Health




Professional Development




Support Hope and Engagement




 Just some ideas as you work on your Title I Schoolwide Plans for the coming year. 


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Here are the Building Readers newsletters for May 2011 in English (en) and Spanish (es).  These newsletters were created to help you provide the resources parents need to help their child become outstanding and enthusiastic readers.

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Here are the Helping Children/Students Learn newsletters from May 2011 for Elementary (elem), Middle School (ms), and High School (hs). These newsletters were created to help you help parents take an active role in their child's education.

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