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Feb 2012 (4)
As mentioned in the previous article I will be needing some items from each of you.  That alone is new, we used to be able to provide a sample of each item of documentation needed NOW we have to have it from each school.  Following is the list of what I need:
1.  Your school or district parent involvement policy
2.  Your annual parent meeting agendas, minutes, or sign-in sheets
3.  Your parent-school compacts
4.  Notification provided to parents that they can request information regarding the professional qualifications of the students' teachers.

You may either email me these or mail a hard copy.  I need these as soon as you have time.  Number 4 item is one that you may have to inquire about.  If you can't find this with your administrator then I can give you a sample. 

Thanks for your help in this process.  Susan
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After much discussion with Susan Ebbers and her publishing crew it was discovered that you cannot print from the cd provided in the book I bought you for the Fall Title I Meeting.  I am so sorry.  I let someone borrow my student book to make copies and I told the company that is what I was doing.  I forgot to whom I checked the book.  So if you have it let me know and I will pass it around to those interested.

Esu 10 is having their NCLB Monitoring visit in May.  I will be asking you for forms and maybe for the opportunity to visit your school.  NDE is becoming much more strict on the required documentaion thus I will have to be also.  More to come!

If you are having your peer review in April please let me know if I can be of assistance.  Targeted schools remember your self-review using the rubric. 

Haven't decided when to schedule the Spring Meeting.  If you have preferences for the time or the topic let me know by email.  Thanks Susan
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Here are the Building Readers newsletters for March 2012 in English (en) and Spanish (es). These newsletters were created to help you provide the resources parents need to help their child become outstanding and enthusiastic readers.

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Here are the Helping Children/Students Learn newsletters from March 2012 for Elementary (elem), Middle School (ms), and High School (hs). These newsletters were created to help you help parents take an active role in their child's education.

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